"Land Awakening"

Exploring Our Relationship with the Land.

“LAND AWAKENING” (http://widgets.distrify.com/widget.html#3457) is an independent feature documentary film about our connection with food and land. While volunteering at organic farms in the Mediterranean, Mexican-Canadian filmmaker and director, Raúl Álvarez, embarked on a personal journey to learn about organic agriculture, and other technologies, to grow and gather food, creating an inspiring film about the goodness and generosity of the Land, but also about his own life transformation. In the GEN Europe conference 2013, Raúl already showed his results. Now the documentary is finished. He reports about his work.

In February 2009, when I started pre-production of “Land Awakening”, I launched myself into an adventure that has taken me beyond the simple fact of making a documentary, and far from my imagination of what my possibilities in Life are about. This journey continues to show me that we are not the old-paradigm belief that our Life is not under our control.

We are all beings with an amazing mission to be fulfilled; each of us as individuals are meant to evolve the consciousness of our spirit, tuning into what we do best, to thrive as individuals serving the planet and the precious Universe that populates it in harmony and balance.

The experience of producing, directing, editing and now distributing “LandAwakening”, has been an intense, amazing, sometimes bittersweet journey. With my own savings and no external financing, and with the beautiful support from all sorts of people, this film came to light. It has captivated and continues to inspire those who are ready to move into the new paradigm, as well as those already living it.

In spite of the challenges that most independent filmmakers face throughout the birthing of their projects, the joys have been many and far surpass the difficulties. These joyful experiences range from learning how audiences have been both inspired by the film and triggered to take concrete action to change their lives, all the way to my own learning about my sacred purpose in life; that I am just a small part in the orchestra performing the most beautiful music of the evolution of our consciousness.“Land Awakening” is just a token of this. I sincerely hope it will touch the deepest chords of your spirit.

Triggered by my encounters with unique characters, paradigms like ‘agriculture’, ‘tilling the soil’, ‘Supermarkets’ and even the term ‘weeds’ are questioned, revealing new approaches to food production, while making my journey both intriguing and fascinating. Land Awakening is my personal journey to experience hands-on organic sustainable agriculture, turning into the discovery of alternative technologies, and approaches to producing and gathering food. The experience resolves into a spiritual reflection of our deep and sacred relationship with the Land. It has been a long personal challenge that has put to the test my perseverance to the causes of healthy food, and my commitment as a filmmaker.

The film has brought forward amazing responses from the public, expressing positive and encouraging commentaries, beyond my own highest expectations:
"…the film blew me away...so positive, so inspiring, change is not only necessary but clearly possible."
“…I have been carrying this film around with me since I saw it… its characters, its colors, the light that surrounds its people and plants; it's like having a secret seed in my pocket, and I am keeping it warm and dry until I have a place to put it in the ground."
"…your film deeply touched me. Today I started working with my neighbor in our shared garden. Your film has inspired me to expand it there, and to start a small one in my own home. Thank you!”

Video trailer and teasers: http://landawakening.com/
FB: http://facebook.com/LandAwakeningDoc
Contact the director/producer: Raúl Alvarez: raul@raulfilms.com


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