Public Action for Climate Awareness

EDE Students in Orissa/India on the Market Place

A new workshop on climate change and peak oil was organized by THREAD, an ecovillage promoting organisation in Odisha, for all customers at Laxmipur market.
Standing in different corners of the market, the young tribal activists of Koraput district who had completed the Ecovillage Design Education course at Siddharthvillage, Kakiriguma biodiversity campus, explained to the people the danger of peak oil and the need for alternate thinking and living.

Their banner, “No Petrol No diesel after 2020”, raised eye brows and the attention of many who were drawn to this market workshop and listened to the Young tribal budding activists of ecovillages. They convinced people about oil scarcity by 2020, armed with posters which depicted data researched by many scientists from all over the world.
The attempt to educate people on climate change and initiate “grow your own food” movements in Odisha has received an award by the Scottish parliament. We train young boys and girls such as Anganwadi workers on a grass root level, through one month courses called Ecovillage Design Education (EDE). Under this project, 750 families of Laxmipur of Koraput district will have their own kitchen gardens grown organically, and town and city people will be taught terrace gardening in the demonstration garden created at Kakiriguma
The round bed techniques that allow creeping and climbing plants to grow with less manure and water, provide vegetables to my family sufficiently, says Radha Jani of Similiguda village.
“I learnt to create an Edible Tower which takes up less land and provides more space. This is a very new technique where I need to pour only one bucket of water in the small hole below", says Domu Dangada Majhi of Jhirijira village. Only bio degradable materials are used to build the Edible Tower and it has helped our village to be clean, he adds.
Thread, Siddharthvillage, Odisha