Schloss Tempelhof

The first Earthship in Germany

The eco-village and community, Schloss Tempelhof, was founded in 2010. As a visionary place and future workshop venue it is going to build the first approved Earthship in Germany. Thanks to solar power and water stills , these Earthships are almost ‘off-grid’ : not reliant on any external electricity, gas, water and sewerage systems. Construction will begin on September 28, 2015. Stefanie Raysz reports.


"Imagine a home that: heats and cools itself, provides its own food and water, generates its own power, handles its own sanitation, works in harmony with the intelligence of the earth, and is made predominantly from recycled materials. This home is called an Earthship and can be built by everyone and everywhere.“ Michael Reynolds, creator of the Earthship and founder of Earthship Biotecture USA and the Earthship Academy


The community of Schloss Tempelhof wants to demonstrate a concept of potentially decentralized and energy self-sufficient supply, embedded in a sustainable consumption and close-to-nature lifestyle. By introducing this forward-looking prototype the creators intend to explore and develop the possibilities for collaborative constructions and ecological building methods with closed cycles in recovery systems. 

The physical properties of the building are undergoing scientific analysis. The data will serve the future development of advanced, autarkic Earthships. The experiences and creative potentials of this intercultural melting pot project are set to be passed on to the alternative building-community.

In interactions of visionary leader Michael Reynolds and his team with the Tempelhof community, this idea will connect networks and know-how of different cultures and climate zones. Around the world, over 600 Earthship buildings have been already successfully established. The scheduled Earthship on Tempelhof will include a community room and a kitchen, a dining and living room, as well as showers and toilets for 25 people. It will be the heart and center of individualistic, experimental living units with yurts and site trailers. 


The project costs € 298.500 and is financed out of the communities own capital and from donations. 

Further information is available at


Stefanie Raysz and Roman Huber

Tempelhof 3 

D-74594 Kreßberg 



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