Aurora Eye comes to Findhorn

Young Filmaker Visting Communities

In early October Serena Aurora visited Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland and the GEN International office located there in order to make a short film promoting GEN and Findhorn. Serena is an adventurous, nature-loving filmmaker inspired by the ecovillage movement. She is dedicating her energy to traveling around our precious planet, giving a voice and platform to ecovillages and other intentional communities. She documents and explores the diverse communities that live principles of sustainable development; how they started, how they trade, farm, connect, celebrate, eat, love and communicate. She is carrying out this work as a gift to the communities and what she asks for in return is to be welcomed as part of the community, fed and watered! Serena started in Mexico in a secret community and has visited, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain and Portugal. She will spend the next year traveling in India and South East Asia, so if you are involved in a community or a project that you would like to share with the world get in touch!

View some the inspiring projects and communities covered by Serena on her YouTube channel-


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