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The Friends of GEN/Supportive Membership-Campaign!

At the coming GEN-Europe Conference from July 9 - 13, a new initiative of GEN will be launched: The Friends of GEN/Supportive Membership-Campaign!

Often, when people get in contact with GEN, either through real life encounters or through the Internet, they are eager to be part of the movement, to stay in touch, or just to show their appreciation and willingness to support by giving a one-off donation. Moreover, what we have noticed is that a lot of people already donate regularly, and it is such a great feeling of encouragement to know that there are people around us who value the work of GEN and its members! We are sure that there are still many more that we could reach out to.

So far, every GEN region already uses its own individual fundraising approaches, and every different GEN website is in the process of setting its own donation-buttons.

We now want to make things easier for everyone:

For people who want to show their support by giving a one-off donation: we are presenting the same design on every regional GEN-fundraising-page, so friends can donate through a simple, quick procedure with the possibility of naming a specific region or project as a receiver. Donors who make a one-off donation become a Friend of GEN.

For individuals who would like to connect more deeply and be a constant supporter and part of the ever growing GEN-family, there is the possibility of making a longterm-commitment to support GEN on a regular basis, thereby becoming a Supportive Member.

For GEN and its different regions we are going to bundle our fundraising-powers together in one place, in order to make fundraising easy and transparent, and to reach out to more people.

The new Friends of GEN/Supportive Membership-Campaign will be presented at the GEN conference in ZEGG community, July 9-13, 2014, and will have a powerful and fun start as an on-going fundraising event during the conference. There will be a raffle with many very nice prizes, so if you join us at the conference, you will have a direct opportunity to be actively supporting the Networks!

May GEN live long and prosper in abundance – the campaign team (Simona, Katie, Johanna, Kosha and Ulrike).

More info about the Campaign is already available on our websites:


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