Conference for Global Peace Plan

Tamara Healing Biotope Ecovillage Hosts Conference for Global Peace Plan Portugal, August 1st-14th, 2016

he Tamera Healing Biotopes Ecovillage has a plan for global peace. Its implementation requires the collaboration of many inspired people. During two weeks in August (August 1st-14th, 2016), we invite visitors to get to know our southern Portuguese ecovillage to learn about our global peace plan and experience our community.

Our aim for these two weeks is to introduce people to the idea that they can develop their own thoughts and insights and to widen the network of people committed to a future without war. The residents of Tamera will present different aspects of the new culture that we are working towards: peacework, ecology, love, art, and community.

In Tamera we understand that questions of love, sexuality, and partnership are at the core of every peace initiative. It is for this reason that the Love School Team, led by Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn, will be present to give input to the different groups during this period.

From August 1st-10th, all guests will have the opportunity to hear speeches about the Healing Biotopes Plan and to participate in a morning choir. We will spend a lot of time in groups and our cultural center will host events most evenings.

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