The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), set up in 1995, is an umbrella organisation working to support the experimental creation and preservation of low impact lifestyles across the globe.  GEN comprises actors working in multiple sectors, ranging from individuals, communities, businesses and NGO’s, to educational institutions and government, GEN works through regional organisations.

In December 16-19, 2012, around 60 activists from GEN-Africa networks came together in Sekem, Egypt for a GEN-Africa Symposium.  During the Symposium, best practices in ecovillage strategies were exchanged, the GEN-Africa Council, Advisory Board and NextGEN-Africa Council were elected, and this GEN-Africa Strategy Document was written. 

From December 10-16, 2013, 120 GEN-Africa activists met at SACDEP (Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programme) in Thika, Kenya for the annual GEN-Africa Conference.  Together we reviewed and edited the GEN-Africa Strategy Document to better reflect the diversity of nations that form the Continent and added two thematic areas: Journalism & Public Relations and Communications and Information Technology. During the conference GEN Africa values were revised and consolidated by conducting an extensive interview of over 50 participants.

In December 2014,Senegal was chosen to host the first International Ecovillage Summit sponsored by the German Foreign Ministry that GEN- Africa co organized with GEN International and a dedicated Senegalese team. During the summit 120 people from 40 countries met and also hosted the Prime Minister, Mohammed Dionne, as well as members of the Ministry for the Environment and Sustainability, and the National Agency for Ecovillages (ANEV), which manifested successful political advocacy for the ecovillages in Senegal.