Dr. Ousmane Pame

GEN AFRICA  President

Dr. Ousmane Pame is an educator and a community leader.

He worked as the resident Academic Director of Living Routes at the Dakar Earth Rights Ecovillage Institute.

For the past years, he is actively involved in community development projects in Senegal (capacity building, permaculture, fish farming, drinking water programmes for rural areas,). He supports deprived schoolchildren in his region through distribution of free school and classroom construction materials.

In December 2007, after participating in an ecovillage design course in Auroville (India), he introduced the ecovillage concept to his community. Two years later, he was elected as mayor of the Guédé Chantier, the first in the history of his community. During his mandate, he strived to transition his municipality (7000 inhabitants) in an eco-community. He also supported the transition of other communities in the West African region. He is a founding member of Network for Ecovillage Emergence and Development in the Sahel (NEEDS or REDES in French).


Niveen Adel Morsy

GEN AFRICA Vice President

GEN International board member

Niveen Adel Morsy holds a B.SC. in Architecture from Cairo University, Egypt. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Architectural Design, Geographic Information Systems and Techno MBA. She is currently managing several Islamic heritage projects in CULTNAT- the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage; one of the academic centers of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. She has participated in several heritage IT documentation and dissemination projects in Egypt and in the Arab world.

Niveen is one of the founders of gen Africa. She has participated in an Ecovillage Design Education courses (EDE) in both Senegal and Sieben Linden Ecovillage in Germany. Through her work in CULTNAT she collaborated with GEN International on its Solutions Library project: a web portal of heritage and innovative ecovillage solutions.


Linda Kabaira

Treasurer, GEN Africa Council 

Linda Kabaira hails from Zimbabwe. She has a strong background in project management and deep commitment to serving the needs of disadvantaged communities. She has worked for over 12 years in the development and humanitarian fields with the vision to improve the quality of life for Zimbabweans, Africans, women, and youth, with a specific focus on capacity building for vulnerable communities and individuals.

Linda is currently working as a coordinator for the Zimbabwe Institute of Permaculture - Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme (SCOPE).


Joshua Konkankoh

Member, GEN Africa Council, GEN International board

Mentor, NextGEN Africa

 Joshua Konkankoh studied Mass Communication and spent 22 years working in the National Social Security Department of Cameroon as a communications officer. He is the founder and director of Better World Cameroon, which was founded in 1996, and the Bafut Ecovillage Project.

In 2004, he left social security work and has devoted 19 years of study and work to youth and agricultural development in Africa. He has been part of the development of youth, social security, forest and conservation policies in Cameroon. He has worked with the Ministry of Youth Affairs for the design of National Youth Council Policy; for Cameroon Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety; at Work Labour Code; and Focal Point of Biodiversity Conservation.

He is an intercultural consultant for youth development, where he mentors, counsels, and trains social entrepreneurs for a better world. Joshua is passionate about mentoring NextGEN Africa to develop innovative solutions for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals for Africa.


Mugove Walter Nyika

Member, GEN Africa Council

Mugove Walter Nyika is a permaculture and environmental education specialist with international experience working with governmental and non- governmental organisations to build resilient school and college communities. He would say that his mission is to use his life skills, land use design experience, and passion for culture and the environment to listen, encourage and teach everyone, especially the children to be empowered to look after themselves and the environment for the common good.

In 1997 he facilitated the establishment of the Schools and Colleges Permaculture (SCOPE) Programme within the Curriculum Development Unit of the Ministry of Education and worked with over 200 schools in all districts in Zimbabwe. The fruits of this work led to the establishment of the Regional SCOPE (Rescope) Programme, based in Malawi but now working in several countries in east and southern Africa.


Paul Yeboah

Member, GEN Africa Council  

Paul Yeboah is the founder of the Ghana Permaculture Institute and Ecovillage and has been dedicated to development work for the past 10 years. He has extensive knowledge in community participation and development, coordination and management of permaculture projects and programmes, and organizational development in Ghana. He has worked extensively to capacity building and job creation for civil society organizations.


Sonita Mbah

Executive Secretary, GEN Africa Council

NextGEN Africa

Sonita Mbah is combining an M.Sc. in EcoSocial Design with Gaia University while representing the youth branch of GEN Africa (NextGEN Africa). A Cameroonian with a background in Letters and Sustainable Hygiene and Sanitation, she has earned certificates in Permaculture Design and Ecovillage Design Education.

Sonita is a facilitator and trainer at the Better World Cameroon Ecovillage ( where she has dedicated the last four years to reconnecting young people with the land and youth entrepreneurship-exchange related to climate change adaptation.