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GEN Ghana

Ghana Ecovillage Network -

Efforts to create sustainable human settlements and ecovillages have been recognized by the government of Ghana. Initiated by a dynamic group of sustainability leaders, Ghana Ecovillage network was formed in 2012 and Incorporated in January 14, 2013 and given the permit to commence operations on 22nd January 2013.

GEN Ghana has evolved over the years since 2013.
GEN Ghana is a strong national network with active membership of about 120,
There has been 2 Ecovillage Design Education Courses (EDEs) organized at the Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture (KITA) and the Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI) with about 70 participants trained.
GEN Ghana has also hosted 3 National conferences and also hosted the 5th African Ecovillage Conference in December 2016.
There is an Active NEXTGEN Youth promoting ecovillage strategies and influencing policies at their district and national levels.
GEN Ghana is open for cooperation with other national networks, ecovillage projects, volunteers and interns who will like to partner. There is an active group. Thanks to GEN International and GEN Denmark (LOES) for their support in building GEN Ghana
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Senegalese Ecovillage Network

GENSEN - the Senegalese national branch of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) a United Nations ECOSOC NGO

The first African national ecovillage network seeks to improve and protect its 45 member villages. Striving for sustainability while preserving our heritage, ecovillagers, and their Senegalese and international partners live and work together.