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GEN offers inspiring examples of how people and communities can live healthy, cooperative, genuinely happy and meaningful lifestyles --- beacons of hope that help in the transition to a more sustainable future on Earth.

In this section you can find Ecovillages and a big diversity of sustainable projects.

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Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village - Ecovillage
General Memetics - Educational Project
General Memetics - Educational Project

Ecovillage examples

Youth and skill Development

Women, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, War affected communities, Internally Displaced children rural families and the Youth in Southern Sudan face enormous challenges related to occupation, conflict, deep rural poverty, food insecurity and lack of extracurricular activities. The need to maintain traditional agricultural practices grows as the consequences of Occupation and conflict threaten farming livelihoods. As the just ended 22 year civil war deny Southern Sudanese the right to access agricultural areas and trade restrictions limit the achievements of the agriculture sector.

Rainbow Homestead Sustainability Co

Rainbow Homestead Sustainability Commons

The Rainbow Homestead & Sustainability Commons is a living and learning centre registered as a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to environmental sustainability, cooperation, local economic development, and "small is beautiful" principles.

Mission:To be a positive response to the destruction which the planet and its population are suffering due to unsustainable agriculture, industry, consumerism, and non-renewable energy lifestyles.

Benin Ecotourism Concern (ECO-BENIN

Benin Ecotourism Concern (ECO-BENIN)

Eco-Benin is a Beninese NGO promoting community-based ecotourism in Benin since 10 years. As a member of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), Eco-Benin is working to ensure better living conditions for communities at local and national level through the promotion and the development of ecotourism and eco-development initiatives as a sustainable way of managing natural resources in Benin.

Empower capacities of Pygmees and s

Empower capacities of Pygmees and street children Communauties in DRC

Pygmees are the powerest communauties in DRC and in central africa with only 2% of access to education, no acces to land. The human rights are not recognised.
RDC have more than 34000 Street children after wars and crises during which DRC more than 5 000 000 of personns died and more than 1 300 000 villages was destroyed.Street children don't have access to education and they are living in severe discrimination and hard conditions, wth out protection.